Aericas Boutique IN World

♥ Store Events ♥
The Freshly Baked Hunt has started today  its a mini hunt all items only 1L each you should definitely head over and check out some of the tastey treats hidden around Kawaii..
Time is flying over at Fashion Wardrobe dont forget to get over and check out the new  Lingerie sweet treats right now only 90L but after the event ends on the 28th i will marking them at 150L
coming up February 5th Til Death do us part hunt will begin the hunt prize will be 5L ill have more details on that closer to date..
and Last but definitely not least i have some very exciting news.. I have Opened a In World Store.. thats Right.. Aericas Boutique has moved in world I hope you all can stop in im still working on adding things to the store but as of right now ive moved some of my most popular items in and ill be working on adding to inventory.. so i hope you all can stop in and visit items are at a bit of a discounted price other then marketplace as well and ive got a few of the group gifts out if you have missed any of those..

Thank you all for you support i appreciate it dearly and as always thank you for shopping at Aericas Boutique


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