Hello Everyone!! Im back again with some more amazing items that i just couldnt wait to share with you These horns just dropped from Nana im wearing the Gold/Silver pair but Black nd Silver are also available also here are more Gacha Items that will be available January 1st at the OMG! over on Jersey Shore i just cant get over these little warmers hehe i love this Grumpy Kitty hes so delightful i named my post after him o.o and hes Rare you can also try your chance at getting this top from Autopsy nd this cute little Jacket from Chaos I love this outfit ooo and dont forget Chandelle is closing.. sad sad day.. BUT these Jeans are only 1L !! yep just 1 that is amazing!! anyway.. on to the goods!

Winter Solstice Hunt Info can be found [Here]



Kitty – {Mango Cheeks} [OMG Soon]
HornsNana Reckless Antlers [Thank You!!]
HairD!va – Mimi
Ears – Mandala Taper Ears [New]
Skin – [DBF]  – Skin Soyala [Winter Solstice Hunt]
Eyes – .ID. – Goat Eyes
Jacket – Chaos – Little Top [OMG Soon]
TopAutopsy – Mon Top Heart [OMG Soon]
JeansChandelle [1L Closing Sale]
Warmers – Reign – F R O S T

Happy Shopping Everyone!!



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